Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When do we Grow?

Life is a continuous variable, but we know anything analog or continuous has to be has to be made discrete for sanity. Few days back, Polaroid announced that it was stopping the production of roll film. Digital in. Analog out. And that's not why I'm writing this post, with my ass on fire, in dead weak.

Well, sometimes I wonder how one grows, when we grow, and why we grow-mentally.

Can you pinpoint the points /phases that defined your outlook,attitude to life?

I cant. I havent got that neat.

Wonder why God didnt implement Ctrl+F for our cerebrum!

While in school,or even my undergrad,some of my long sessions of deliberation owed it's origin to some form of dissatisfaction, than serious contemplation.A mega-tsunami of a ripple,graphically. Long term impact-nothing. Gospel of Ramakrishna,Works of Vivekananda,Pancadasi,-wonder what impact it has had on me!!

And then a lighter moment would come-a game of cricket,random browsing, a story book, a movie, cricket match on TV, and focus would shift to the merrier aspects of life.

Those merry moments are what that sets the tone for character-moulding. It makes us attracted to things that we like most.And Habit establishes a pattern.

But only through the negatives- when we say "No", or "I dont give a damn" , we become conscious of some change in us.

In lighter moments, we are less conscious of ourselves-reaction to a joke, going out with friends,an engrossing movie. True assimilation of all dimensions of information happens then,perhaps.

When preparing for a test/interview/, a general perception of our competence influences our learning/progress.

Well, considering I have had plenty of merry moments this semester.... Hope I realize sometime, I've changed for good!!

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