Saturday, April 15, 2006

The day of the Jackal.....

Dont let the title bother you. Was just thinking of a title that would befit being a title. Analogically, like the debatable approach of fixing the movie title,and then building the story around it.
All things on Earth need a reason to exist, and so does my blog. I cannot claim to be aware of the " blogworld" since its inception and I certainly dont approve of torturing hapless people about the intricasies of daily life. Just like a good work of fiction that gives you an amalgam of sordid facts of life and its appealing fantasies, I intend to make you read really mundane,disgusting things,and actually make you say 'WOW! '.
As I said, just like good fiction. To elaborate on few things that remain still in the dark:
'arvacharya' is a distortion of dronacharya. (the name of the link) .I kept it because it was the first thing to flash across my mind.
"I am me,because I am me"
I have always believed that ambiguous sounding sentences have had the greatest philosophical impact on humanity. And on all inspirational articles. If that did make you introspect,then young lady/ lad , you are my subject! An ardent, honest, humble student of philosophy.I bow to you.
Else, my young lad/lady.... alas! you are a philosopher.
Philosophy is a catchy topic. Once you start talking or thinking about it, it never does leave you.
Surprisingly, so is sleep.
Friends,Romans,Indians, Countrymen, Continent-men, I come here not educate you but to kill my time!
Good night.

Gui Xian (Arvind) EEEEE :)

In case thou art wondering what thou art staring at, thou shalt not be constrained to wonderment.
"Gui Xian (Arvind) EEEEE :)" is no mumbo jumbo comin straight from my malfunctioning, often hypo- functioning neurons. Rather, it is something that probably emanated from the most fundamental of human desires- that of happiness. Think am conked off? Perhaps you arent wrong after all....
Gui Xian is a chinese mythological creature- a turtle which symbolises happiness.Its a bit of a paradox- why would anyone associate a turtle with happiness? They are probably the most dull, uninteresting lethargic of all creatures you could ever come across. Happiness could have been easily associated with some avian creature capable of producing recurrent, pleasant stuff for the ears. Or some cool carnivore that ambles around the jungle after a heavy meal.
But no. Its a turtle.
No majesty,no grace: but yeah, its a turtle for happiness.
Thats the food for thought folks!
(And no... am NOT talking of EATING turtles)