Saturday, April 15, 2006

The day of the Jackal.....

Dont let the title bother you. Was just thinking of a title that would befit being a title. Analogically, like the debatable approach of fixing the movie title,and then building the story around it.
All things on Earth need a reason to exist, and so does my blog. I cannot claim to be aware of the " blogworld" since its inception and I certainly dont approve of torturing hapless people about the intricasies of daily life. Just like a good work of fiction that gives you an amalgam of sordid facts of life and its appealing fantasies, I intend to make you read really mundane,disgusting things,and actually make you say 'WOW! '.
As I said, just like good fiction. To elaborate on few things that remain still in the dark:
'arvacharya' is a distortion of dronacharya. (the name of the link) .I kept it because it was the first thing to flash across my mind.
"I am me,because I am me"
I have always believed that ambiguous sounding sentences have had the greatest philosophical impact on humanity. And on all inspirational articles. If that did make you introspect,then young lady/ lad , you are my subject! An ardent, honest, humble student of philosophy.I bow to you.
Else, my young lad/lady.... alas! you are a philosopher.
Philosophy is a catchy topic. Once you start talking or thinking about it, it never does leave you.
Surprisingly, so is sleep.
Friends,Romans,Indians, Countrymen, Continent-men, I come here not educate you but to kill my time!
Good night.


Ganesen said...

wow simply gr8

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Couldn't help chuckling though