Monday, August 18, 2008


Zimbabwe Olympic tally :

1 Gold
3 Silver

In wikiality,it definitely is amazing.

Though a country is an abstract idea, and all that an athelete needs to win are talent, perfect health, nutritious food, and sponsorship, and is not in anyway directly concerned with the functioning of the fools who rule their nation, I just couldnt help wondering at this..

Kirsty Coventry,a swimmer from Zimbabwe, a country which is under severe hyper-inflation and is an economic failure, shows the world she is competitive and gets a Gold.

And this being a white , on top,in Zimbabwe.

Indian mainstream press has not been highlighting this much I guess. Else it would be tough to justify why ibnlive and regularly publish indian olympics news "XYZ crashes out "

I am in no means saying that Zimbabwe is better than India in Olymics.. Both of them have relied on individal brilliance, and hence are on par.

Quantitatively, the result is less obvious.

When the hype around Abhinav subsides,Indian news channels,which complain about infrastructre et al, will have zillion answers on why Zimbabwe is ahead of India in the olympics medals table.

As of now, I havent seen any comparisons to that effect!

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