Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sentiment,Sense and Non-sense

It's been one year since I landed in US, in search of pachhe pul.

Not the best year of my life.. but lots of things learnt.

No grand celebrations, no deep regret..

Have had the greatest fun in this year, and need I say, and adequate quantity of quality disappointments.

I am trying my best not to get boring and philosophical.. but seriously, this is the first time in my 23 years of experience, I am, theoretically, "on-my-own" .

Not a bad job, mate :P

My Top 5 main regrets (aka ..future tasklist) are :-
1)With paradesis like me abounding in Gatech, I am yet to make a real "desi" friend
2)I want to learn to play guitar, or flute.
3)I want to know in more detail, what I would like to work on for the next five years of my life.
4)I want to become an author of a best-seller :P
5)"..And treat those two imposters just the same!" (If I'm rambling,I forgive myself)

Was just now wondering how humour and spirituality go together... I really cant stop my flow of thoughts right now.

Humour should be used as a litmus test for those getting inclined into "spirituality" or "meditation". If you cant laugh, one should , proverbially "get a life", and pray God to help you.

For those who are seriously into practicing religion, or meditation, here are the details of the my golden tests :

1) Imagine jerry chasing Vadivelu around a traffic signal in circles, and Jayalalitha dancing on top of both of their heads, and you are on the spot, and say in all seriousness "That's sad"

( If that triggered a smile, you are safe. Anyway proceed further. If mot, buck-up, you have two more tests to go. You CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! )

2) Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in Veshti ,Thorthu,Pattai singing "Kannodu kanbathalam " from Jeans in high pitch, full bhava, while PV Narasimha Rao does Moonwalk.

(If you dint smile now, make sure you try to laugh your ass off for the next one)

3)Imagine yourself on the gates of heaven, and the guard says "Sorry Boss, Tickets booked. There is one vacancy if you trans-figure yourself as Britney Spears and say, "I'm Basanti, not Britney" sing in a nasal la-reshammiya voice," Aapka suroooooor ", and dance on broken glass.

(Kindly note.. This was intentionally a bad joke, and the aim was to make it harder for a person to laugh/smile. If you smiled for the first two, you passed ..don't worry. Else, my young lass/lad, get a life, forget religious austerities and God, time being!!)

On a more serious note, I find it unusual that while Hinduism has deities incharge of creation, destruction ,preservation, knowledge, wealth (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva,Saraswathi,Lakshmi) , there is no God for Laughter/ Humour.

See.,.That should have been the most logical deity to have. For the un-initiated, villages in South India abound in more varities of "Amman" , or personal Gods, than one can phatom.
(That's classic usage of'peacock terms' - refer wiki.. I don't have evidence to support my claim).

A God of humour who would be prayed every ammavasai /poornami , to give a better sense of humour. Who would have to be satiated by narrating something humerous for all audiences every Friday.

And see.. this is a Global conspiracy. All the proponents of all the major religions on Earth suppressed humour, and preached that the way to ultimate way for "bliss" or "happiness" is making sure you are sad throughout your lifetime and undergo severe austerities,before being promised "something that would make you happy" in your after-life.

So.. next time when someone tells a clean, decent joke, and you crack up, just remember that you are probably half-way to eternal bliss !!!!


alpine path said...

Good post! I couldn't stop laughing when I imagined Jayalalitha dancing :D And I totally accept that this year has been one of total fun but no grand celebrations or deep regrets! Wish your future checklist gets completed. I'm especially interested in reading your bestseller ;)

Arvind Subramanian said...

Thank you!! :P

Best-seller... Hopefully within this decade ;)

Superficial Gibbering prater said...

machan::Religion does have humour,u only need to have the right perspective...
#Sample this::
Just imagine,when a person like me prays to god every morning after sandya vandanum,with pattai on forehead with pancha kajam on eduppu and pancha patram in one hand ,"Kadavule,enakke nalla budiya kodu"....

saami kumbidarada vida..oru comedy irukka mudiyumma ??? :P :P

Arvind Subramanian said...


In the broadest sense, yup.. Most of the things that we usually pray for are laughable :P

But still, it would be interesting to have a global religious leaders meet, and have pope, sankaracharya etc discuss humour seriously (with demonstration) :P